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Angela currently resides in Ottawa, Canada and is represented by Artworld Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, ON. and the Lorimer Gallery, Charlottetown, PE. She is a member of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada and the Society of Canadian Artists.  She was admitted to the Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada in 2003. Recognizing her poetry enhanced the abstract art form she favours, each sculpture is accompanied by an original poem.  Her first book, ‘Witness Stones and Reflections’ was published in 2010, the ‘Folds of Life’, in 2012. and ‘In the Arms of a Galaxy’ in 2013. Moving to London, England in 2001, Angela’s sculptures became her personal witness, recording emotional and spiritual connections.  The inner stillness and quiet observation of her Abenaki heritage reveal a spirituality and peacefulness in her stones. Angela exhibited with the Society of Women Artists in the UK and the Royal Society of British Artists, eventually being short-listed for membership with the prestigious group before moving to the USA.  She also exhibited in numerous galleries in London, including Thompson’s Gallery and the Sheridan Russell Gallery. Creative and imaginative, Angela gravitated toward interior design at university; it taught her the need to be organized and disciplined, skills now evident in her sculpting techniques. Angela began sculpting at La Maison des Métiers d’Art, in Québec City as a representational clay sculptor, moving to stone and marble abstract forms, later, at the Ottawa School of Art. Appreciating the contribution of diverse cultures to art, Angela has travelled widely in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia; eventually doing a residency in Italy; marble sculpting.  It was in Italy she discovered Kan Yasuda’s sculpture and in the UK, Anish Kapoor, whose works continue to inspire her today.
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