© A Verlaeckt Clark 2016  
Angela's 'Fused Glass Art', while lending itself to the poetic, is inspirational, architectural and glitters with light and transparency.  Its appeal for her, apart from its beauty, strength and grace, is that, like her stone sculpture, it is an ancient art form that reveals the rich, artistic history of the people involved in its design. Both mediums are very versatile and can be designed purely as an art form or a functional piece. The difference is glass is fire-borne. Angela had to immerse herself in a completely new technical skill-set when learning to fuse glass.  She began by taking a simple afternoon class in fused glass jewellery; it sparked an interest, combining her love of colour, love of creativity and experimentation, leading her into this mainly, self taught, new medium.  Trial by fire, one might say.  She seems to have succeeded. Angela's fused glass art panels and sculptural glass pieces resonate with the colours and mood of Japanese designed textiles...richly hued and vibrant.  As well, one cannot but sense the enthusiasm she feels for urban images...sights, sounds and people in the big city; all fuel her work.  Layered and re-layered for a multidimensional and multicoloured texture her glass works show emerging details that can almost stand on their own.  Her glasswork is a licence to freedom...fun and joyful in an interior setting!
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