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Angela's life has always been one of movement both geographically and artistically. Living in Canada, the UK and the USA, her passion for sculpting led her from clay to stone and from representational to abstract. While her sculptures speak of the deep appreciation her Abenaki heritage holds for nature with all its textures, her inner stillness, quiet observation and concentration reveal their spirituality and peacefulness. Each sculpture is a piece of timelessness given dimension, a landscape carefully negotiated; quiet, strong and yet very gentle. Her passion for travel and art merge in the 'earth-markings' found in her sculpture ...earth rhythms, as seen from the air. Angela studied the art of sculpting under the tutelage of master sculptor Gaetano Gizzi in Italy as well as Canadian sculptor Donald Liardi. She attended L'Ecole des metiers d'art in Quebec and the Ottawa School of Art. While living in the UK, she had her first solo exhibition in London. Angela has exhibited works in numerous galleries and with prestigious societies, including the Royal Society of British Artists and the UK Society of Women Artists. She was short listed for membership in the Royal Society of British Artists shortly before leaving for the USA. In 2003 she was admitted to The National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives and in 2012 was elected a member of the Society of Canadian Artists.  In 2015, she was elected a member of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada. In her words life is all about being passionate, being engaged, seeing beyond the visible, being enlightened and the ensuing natural progression of art.
Ars longa, vita brevis”  (Art is long, Life is fleeting)- Hippocrates
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